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How we crafted a Social engine and Emergent Gameplay
Hey there everyone! Vox games here with a quick article about how we've crafted a fully functional social system, with heirarchies, friendships, skills, buffs...
A few different types of space station you can build in Meeple Station
Hey guys! We wanted to show off a a bit of what the freeform building mechanic in Meeple Station is like. In it you can build space stations on multiple floors...
The different types of Meeple in Meeple Station
Hello there everyone! We've been hard at work on Meeple Station the past couple of weeks, and we have some pretty huge news! We've signed up with a Publisher (...
How to DIE in Meeple Station
ç There's a great many ways to die in Meeple Station, our upcoming Dwarf Fortress/Rimworld like. Bombing runs from enemy fighters for example can decimate your...
OMG these quantum engines are complex
The last few weeks got a bit complex whilst putting together our quantum engines for the game. What does a space station need quantum engines for? Finding more...
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Meeple Peeple News - More Hazards!
Hey Meeple! First, we want to thank everyone for the tremendous support on Kickstarter! It has certainly been a long 2 weeks since we began the campaign! While...
Meeple Peeple News - More Improvements!
Hey Meeple! Things have been nothing short of crazy here at Vox games since kicking off the Kickstarter campaign! We can’t thank the community enough for all...
Kickstarter is now live!!!
Hey Meeple! Today is the day! Yes, really! Our Kickstarter campaign is now live! It’s been an incredible amount of work to get here, and we are so excited to...
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