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Care For And Customize Your Meeple Like Never Before!
Since last month’s big user-interface update , we’ve been busy implementing a host of new features, some long requested. This includes updates to the medica...
The Long Awaited UI Update Is Here!
Our long awaited user-interface overhaul update is live and building a space station has never looked or felt so good! We’ve been adding loads of new content...
O-Mega Patch! Our biggest yet!
Space fans rejoice, because Meeple Station the rimworld-like space station builder just dropped a massive patch bursting with new content and features to play...
New resources, menu layouts and a chef!
Let's start with the boring stuff, new menu layouts to make trading easier when they dock at your station. Buy on | Browse mods Huge paaaaatch! The huge...
3 files — 0.6.08
Walls, wiring and fresh content for Space Station Builder fans
The latest round of weekly updates are in for Meeple Station, and we've got a ton to cover. If building a space station, battling space pirates, exploring for r...
3 files — 0.6.03
Clowns, Ruins, Updated Rendering and building space stations
As part of our early access weekly update commitment, we've made huge strides forwards over the past month responding to our players feedback and requests. If b...
3 files — 0.5.22
Space Station builder adds tutorials, doctors and docking bays
Like an asteroid out of control, Meeple Station crashed onto 8 weeks ago, and we've been busy keeping up with our players feedback ever since. Visit our...
3 files — 0.5.15
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